Compensation Law: How to Make a Claim

A Guide on Wills and Estate Planning

One of the most important decisions you will make while alive is writing a will. A will ensures that your property is divided as you wish once you die. Besides this, below are a few benefits of having a will: If you have minor children, you get to decide who will take care of them once you die. You can create trusts to ensure their inheritance is in good hands before they come of age. Read More 

Instances when hiring a probate attorney becomes unavoidable

When a person passes on, the property and other assets they leave behind are legally referred to as deceased estate. When a person dies, they might either leave behind a will in which they appoint an administrator (also known as an executor) to the estate who will deal with settling the estate. Notably, when you have been appointed an executor to a deceased person's estate, you need to be sure that you settle the estate within the confines of the law by hiring a probate attorney to assist you. Read More 

How to Deal with Superannuation When You Draft a Will

When you make a detailed will and make sure that it is registered correctly, your affairs will generally be taken care of efficiently and in accordance with your wishes. This can certainly make life a lot easier for your dependents as they deal with the grief, but you can't automatically assume that your superannuation benefits will pass to them, just because they are accumulated in your name. Why do you have to handle this differently and what pitfalls could you face? Read More 

If You’re Thinking about Breeding a Cat or Dog at Home, Why Do You Need to Pause?

Do you consider yourself to be an avid animal lover and someone who has owned a number of different cats and dogs during your lifetime? You may be thinking about getting another pet or two as you've now got much more space in a new home. You may even be thinking about breeding, so that you can give some puppies and kittens away to a good home for some additional income. Read More 

Dealing with outstanding debt when selling a business

When selling businesses, many owners make the assumption that, once they have made the sale, the debt will disappear. They, therefore, approach the sale process from a point of ignorance and when things do not work out as they imagined, they end up taking drastic measures such as cancelling the transaction or trying to change the terms of the transaction. Whether you are buying or selling a business, it is important to consider getting legal help to assess the financial situation of the business in question and advise you accordingly. Read More