Compensation Law: How to Make a Claim

Why You Will Need to Think about Your Will Carefully If You Have Overseas Assets

As people go through their lives, they often have to think outside of the box when they are planning for their future, and they increasingly tend to diversify their asset pool as much as possible. As their estate becomes more complicated, however, they need to think about what happens in the future. How are they going to ensure that their loved ones receive all the benefits of their estate when they are gone? Read More 

Business Law: 3 White-Collar Crimes

Crime has evolved over the years. Advancements in technology have given those who wish to break the law new tools that they can use to do wrong. One example of this is a white-collar crime. This type of crime is usually nonviolent and is carried out with people in positions of power to gain from a situation financially. People who have the technical expertise or a high social status are often able to manipulate the system. Read More 

Why You Might Need to Worry about Indemnity Costs in a Family Court Proceeding

The court system across Australia considers a wide variety of different cases on a daily basis, ranging from civil to criminal, from corporate to family law. In many of these cases a judge will make an issue requiring the "losing" party to cover the legal costs of the other party. In fact, this is very commonplace in most types of court proceedings, except for family law. If you are thinking about bringing a case against somebody else in front of a family law judge, what should you bear in mind with regards to your costs? Read More 

How to Defend Yourself If You Feel You’ve Been Improperly Arrested

The vast majority of policemen and women around Australia are very hard-working, conscientious and careful to perform their job correctly. If it weren't for these individuals, life would be very difficult and they strive to enforce rules and regulations set out to protect society. However, on occasion, they may get things wrong and this may impact you if you're unlucky enough to be in this situation. What should you do if you think that you've been improperly charged with resisting arrest, due to your assertion that you are innocent? Read More 

Familiarising Yourself with Australian Criminal Charges

As a law-abiding citizen, you may have never thought about what it could be like to face criminal charges. However, it should be noted that anybody could be presented with criminal charges if there is a chance you were involved in a crime, whether it was unbeknownst to you. Facing criminal charges can be an extremely daunting experience. Thus, it would be prudent for you to know what to expect to be on the safe side. Read More